Popcorn machine


Product Category: Popcorn Machine
Rated voltage:; 220V
Rated power: 1200W
Rated frequency: 50HZ
①Do not pour cream and any seasonings into the machine.
②When the machine is running, heat will be generated, please do not touch it. When the corn kernels are exhausted,
The machine cools down, and then the popcorn is poured out. (The process is about 3~5 minutes)
③After using the product, please turn off the switch and unplug it, and do not let the machine run idly.
④Children should not use this product alone, please use it with parents.
⑤ No need to wash, just wipe clean with a simple kitchen towel or dry cloth.
⑥Because it uses the principle of hot air, it can reduce the chance of corn failure.
⑦The machine works continuously for 5 minutes and requires 10 minutes of heat dissipation.

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